Nicolette is no stranger to the travel industry. Immediately after her tourism studies, she worked in the hotel industry and later as a flight attendant at Martinair. She has seen a lot of the world and has visited numerous hotels and accommodations due to her travels. She soon developed a sense of commerce and the switch from tourism to a sales position was no surprise. She has worked successfully as an account manager in the jewelry and watch industry and she was responsible for the luxurious Swiss watch Rado within the international Swatch Group in the Benelux.

After a change in her personal life, she became more and more interested in the human body and health. This led to following a naturopathic therapist course and she set up her own practice which she enjoyed operating until 2017. However, her interests changed. What has remained as a common thread in her life is her love for travel, especially the island of Bonaire, and the design and decoration of houses. Nicolette has now built four houses herself in which she could fully express her creativity. The process from transforming nothing into something makes her enthusiastic. It was therefore no surprise that after a long visit to Bonaire, she got in contact with a project developer who she started selling homes for. When mid-2017 My Next Home gave her the opportunity to work partially in the Caribbean and to combine her passion with a responsible sales position, the decision was easily made.

Given her experience with real estate in the Antilles and the fact that she has been visiting the island for 27 years, she can greatly contribute to realizing people’s dreams with a beautiful property in their own tropical part of the Netherlands.

Nicolette, together with Maarten van der Werff, is responsible for the sale of the projects on Bonaire.

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