Maarten is the outdoor man with his heart in the field rather than the office. Immediately after his education at the retail school, he chose an adventurous life which soon brought him to France. There he successfully set up a hotel operation and after selling it, he switched to a Dutch company that developed recreational real estate in the French Alps. Maarten has set up a well-running management and rental concept for this company.

As of 2001 he worked as ad interim with a start-up tour operator which he has further developed into a steady direct seller. At some point Maarten turned to work in the office and took care of the marketing for the magazines of the Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf. He launched several new titles and organized fairs.

When My Next Home was officially founded in 2006 he first started part-time, soon switched to full-time and has led the sale of the projects ever since. Maarten is now an indispensable part of the company and his extensive practical experience is regularly called upon in numerous projects.

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