Jeroen van der Werff

Jeroen founded My Next Home in 2006 together with brother Maarten van der Werff and is responsible for the day-to-day affairs as director. Jeroen is the pioneer of the company.

His professional background does not originate directly from the tourism industry, as he has obtained degrees as a helmsman and marine engineer. However, he was more interested in commerce and logistics and started his commercial career with various companies such as the Handelsonderneming Verhagen, Droste Chocolade and the industrial wholesaler Aardse Haarlem.

In 1999 times changed and Outrange came into the picture. Outrange was a small family-run booking office for chalet holidays and was in 2001 transformed into BBV; a management organization with over 150 holiday chalets under management in France. In 2003, Jeroen transferred this company to the Tex group, known for among others the tour operator ILS and the management organization GrandAlpes. There he held the position of director of operational management. In December 2005, he decided to sell his interest in the Tex group and find a new challenge in real estate. This was executed in 2006 and My Next Home was born.

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Maarten van der Werff

Maarten is the outdoor man with his heart in the field rather than the office. Immediately after his education at the retail school, he chose an adventurous life which soon brought him to France. There he successfully set up a hotel operation and after selling it, he switched to a Dutch company that developed recreational real estate in the French Alps. Maarten has set up a well-running management and rental concept for this company.

As of 2001 he worked as ad interim with a start-up tour operator which he has further developed into a steady direct seller. At some point Maarten turned to work in the office and took care of the marketing for the magazines of the Haarlems Uitgeef Bedrijf. He launched several new titles and organized fairs.

When My Next Home was officially founded in 2006 he first started part-time, soon switched to full-time and has led the sale of the projects ever since. Maarten is now an indispensable part of the company and his extensive practical experience is regularly called upon in numerous projects.

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Patricia Blauw

Patricia is the beating heart of My Next Home. As she is responsible for office management and internal sales, she maintains an overview and ensures that everything runs correctly and on time.

Patricia has broad experience in this area. After her studies in business administration, she managed operational departments in financial departments of various companies and mastered the subtleties of accounting. In 1993 she started in the tourism industry via Budget Rent a Car and Transavia. She immediately liked this industry and in 2001, Patricia started working for the tour operator Outrange and management organization of holiday chalets called BBV. Here, too, she was in charge of the financial administration and in this position she set up a method of rent and return statements for holiday homes.

In 2007 she joined the team of My Next Home, founded by her former colleague Jeroen van der Werff, and in 2008 joined as a partner shareholder.

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Ernst Greweldinger

Ernst has worked in the health care sector and after his training, he worked in various departments of the care sector for many years. Especially his project-based approach is one of his core qualities and this quickly led to a successful career. He completed various management positions to eventually become director of a healthcare institution. In these roles, he has transformed business operations into new thinking in healthcare in an entrepreneurial way.

Additionally, Ernst has always been looking for the right investments. Ernst got in contact with My Next Home’s projects through contact with fellow villager Maarten van de Werff. His own holiday chalet quickly became a reality and Ernst’s interest in this industry was piqued. He quickly changed course in 2013, leaving the care sector for this new challenge. Now some years later, Ernst’s enthusiasm for a holiday home in a beautiful place is contagious. He guides numerous buyers to their dream home, using his knowledge and experience.

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Arno Vonk

Arno is the commercial man who lives in Austria and strongly represents the company on the spot. As of 2013, he has been making (international) sales together with Maarten van der Werff.

Arno has always been interested in sales. After studying commercial economics, he immediately entered the family business in food production and as commercial director was partly responsible for the transforming the company into a professional food producer. Together with his father, he was the director until he decided to emigrate to Austria with his family in 2010. In Austria, he quickly got associated with the rental of holiday homes. In 2011, gripped by this dynamic industry, he started working as an independent agent for the @Leisure Group, one of the most important players in the European online market for accommodation rental, such as holiday homes, holiday parks and hotels. Especially for the main brand Belvilla, he was responsible for the purchase and management of holiday homes in Austria, as well as for the relationship management with homeowners.

Through the rental of Austrian chalets, he learned about My Next Home and became increasingly charmed by the fast-growing company.

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Sophie van der Werff

Sophie is a travel animal and as Maarten van der Werff’s daughter, that is no surprise. After high school, the MTRO was therefore a logical choice. Sophie is fascinated by tourism and hospitality and especially dealing with people ranging from tourists to business people. After successfully completing the MTRO, Sophie took a gap year to see more of the world. She travelled through Asia and completed an internship on Bonaire during the construction of Grand Windsock Bonaire, one of My Next Home’s projects.

But Sophie is ambitious and wanted more. Soon she got her propaedeutic degree at the HTRO during her part-time job at My Next Home. Sophie now works full-time and follows a NIMA marketing course. This allows her to quickly develop into an all-round team member and she enthusiastically participates in various projects.

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Nicolette Bosveld

Nicolette is geen onbekende in de reiswereld. Direct na haar toeristische opleiding heeft zij in de hotelbranche gewerkt en later als stewardess bij Martinair. Ze heeft veel van de wereld gezien en door haar reizen in talrijke hotels en accommodaties gezeten. Al snel ontwikkelde zij een gevoel voor commercie en was de switch vanuit het toerisme naar een salesfunctie niet vreemd. Zo heeft ze als accountmanager succesvol gewerkt in de juwelen- en horloge branche. Hierbij was zij verantwoordelijk in de Benelux voor het luxueuze Zwitserse uurwerk Rado binnen de internationale Swatch Group. Na een verandering in haar persoonlijke leven raakte ze steeds meer geïnteresseerd in het menselijk lichaam en gezondheid. Dit leidde tot het volgen van een opleiding tot natuurgeneeskundig therapeut en zette zij vervolgens een eigen praktijk op waar ze tot 2017 met plezier mee heeft gewerkt. Maar het bloed stroomt waar het niet gaan kan en tijden en interesses veranderen. Wat is gebleven als rode draad in haar leven is haar liefde voor reizen, vooral het eiland Bonaire, en het ontwerpen en inrichten van huizen. Inmiddels heeft Nicolette vier huizen zelf gebouwd waarin ze haar creativiteit volledig kwijt kon. Het komen van niets tot iets maakt haar enthousiast. Het was dan ook niet vreemd dat ze na een langdurig bezoek aan Bonaire in contact kwam met een projectontwikkelaar waarbij zij gestart is met de verkoop van woningen. Toen medio 2017 Nexthome haar de kans gaf om deels in de Caraïben te werken en haar passie te combineren met een verantwoordelijke salesfunctie, was de keus snel gemaakt. Gezien haar ervaring met onroerend goed op de Antillen en het feit dat ze al 27 jaar het eiland bezoekt, kan zij meer dan een steentje bijdrage om dromen van mensen te verwezenlijken met een prachtig bezit in hun eigen tropisch stukje Nederland. Nicolette is samen met Maarten van der Werff verantwoordelijk voor de verkoop van de projecten op Bonaire en in Nederland.

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Maxime Smit

Maxime is the all-rounder in the office and supports the sales-, marketing- and contract management departments. Her enthusiasm and ambition are a true enrichment for the company.

After completing her studies as a legal assistant in 2014, she gained practical experience with the Belastingdienst and the Sociale Verzekeringsbank. While working at these government agencies, Maxime couldn’t find her niche and started thinking about what piqued her interest. An adventurous journey of almost a year through Oceania and Southeast Asia helped enormously and broadened her view of the world. Travelling and finding her way in unfamiliar terrain quickly enhanced her independence and it turned out to be the perfect way to find out what she really wanted.

After returning home in June 2018, Maxime had decided that she was ready for a working environment where she could develop her entrepreneurial spirit and talents more widely. My Next Home’s international activities in the development and sale of leisure real estate projects appealed to her and she is now the centre of numerous activities in the company.

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